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The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride

The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride

Description : The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride
THERE was an old-world elegance about the walnut-panelled room that somehow scorned the idea that anyone would be tasteless enough to raise their voice in anger in here. Under normal circumstances Anton Luis Ferreira Scott-Lee certainly would not have dreamt of doing it.

But there was nothing normal about this situation, and the anger was certainly here, pulsing away in the background, even if it was safely encased in ice right now.

‘I will have to resign,’ he announced, effectively throwing the two people in the room with him into a frozen state of horror and dismay.

His mother was too young, at fifty, and much too beautiful to be a widow—but apparently not too young, after marrying at the youthful age of nineteen, to have clocked up a murky past which had nowe back to haunt her.

‘But—meu querido…’ She recovered first to speak shakily. ‘You cannot possibly resign!’

‘I don’t think that I have a damn choice.’

Maria Ferreira Scott-Lee flinched, her liquid brown eyes wrenching down and away from her son’s hard expression.

‘Don’t be crazy, boy,’ Maximilian Scott-Lee thrust out impatiently. ‘This has nothing to do with the bank! Let’s try to keep some perspective here.’

Max wanted perspective? Switching his gaze from his mother to the man he had lovingly called Uncle for all of his life, Anton felt a sudden rushing urge to smash a fist into his beloved face!

No perspective there, he thought as he swung away to aim his bitter black mood at the view beyond one of the long casement windows that lined the beautifully appointed study of this, the Scott-Lees’ Belgravia home.

It was a lousy day out there. The rain, lashing down from an iron-grey sky, was battering what...