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The Desert Lord's Baby

The Desert Lord's Baby

Description : The Desert Lord's Baby
“Do you know what it felt like, being trapped for two days in those hellish negotiations, away from you?”

Farooq’s voice swept over Carmen, dark and fathomless like the night sky she was staring into, the exotic accent turning it into a potent weapon, an irresistible spell.

She’d felt him the moment he’d entered the penthouse. The skyscraper. Long before that. Probably the moment he’d stepped out of the closed negotiations that had taken him away from her every day for the past six weeks. The nights had been all hers. All theirs. Madness and magic’s.

She’d thought she’d braced herself, was ready for her first exposure to him after forty-eight hours of deprivation.

After she’d found out something that had changed her life forever.

She wasn’t ready. His approach felt like that of a hurricane. Her teeth chattered with the convulsion of emotions ripping through her. How she loved him.

It had happened so fast, so totally. When she’d thought she stopped believing in love, wasn’t even equipped to feel lust. Then, everything inside her had shuddered with the first sight of him, stumbled with the first hours in hispany, crashed with the first night in his arms. She’d been hurtling deeper ever since.

She’d known that, when her time with him was up, she’d keep on plunging, hadn’t cared what would happen then, had only been desperate to experience every minute afforded her of him.

Until today.