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The Edge of Forever

The Edge of Forever

Description : The Edge of Forever
Chapter One

December 1998

“I’m going to marry Poppy when I’m older, Blake.” Jon looked up at his older brother and smiled.

“Sure you are, buddy.” Blake ruffled his hair, and Jon ducked out of the way. He hated when Blake did that.

Jon smoothed the now messy strands and puffed out his chest. “I am, you’ll see.”

“Says the seven-year-old with the missing front teeth.”

Jon felt his face heat at Blake’s words.

“I’m just teasin’, buddy.” If Blake wasn’t older and bigger Jon would have put him in a headlock and messed up his dark hair. “Look, Jon, there’s the girl of your dreams.” Jon followed Blake gaze and saw Poppy Matthews step into his home with her parents behind her.

“She’s so pretty, Blake.”

“Kiddo, you got a lot of years ahead of you, but go for it.” Blake walked away, but Jon didn’t bother watching. He let his feet carry him over to the prettiest girl in the world.

“Hi, Poppy. Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.” Jon kept his eyes on Poppy. Her blue eyes reminded him of the big blue stone on his mom’s ring.

Everyone made their way into the dining room, but right before Poppy followed through the doorway Jon grabbed her hand, stopping her. She looked down at her hand, and he saw her cheeks turn a pretty shade of pink.

Don’t chicken out. Don’t chicken out.

Glancing up, he saw...