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The Game Plan

The Game Plan

Description : The Game Plan
“I love my wife.”

“Yes, but-” Jodi started to say only to get cut off once again before she could explain why she desperately needed to be released from her lease.

“I love my wife,” Trevor Bradford, her landlord and a man that she suspected was as close tomitting murder as she was, stressed for what had to be the hundredth time since he’d arrived at her apartment five minutes ago.

Jodi released an exasperated sigh as she shifted in her seat and tried to think of another way to explain to the large, and basically decent, man that if he didn’t let her out of her lease ten months early that she was very much afraid that she would end up killing his cousin with her bare hands. Since she was pretty sure that a full confession would onlye back and bite her in the ass later, she decided to go with a more subtle route to get out of her lease.

“I need to be released from my lease, because your cousin is an asshole and he’s making my life a living hell,” she explained in a calm and efficient manner, neglecting to mention that she’d already thought of twenty-nine different ways to kill the large, and annoying, bastard.

For a moment, Trevor didn’t say anything as he studied her from across the small eighteenth century country kitchen table that she’d inherited from her Great-Grandmother Rose. His eyes narrowed on her in an assessing manner as she did the same to him, refusing to be intimidated. When it became obvious that intimidation wasn’t going to work, he tried another tactic.

“Which cousin?” he asked, feigning ignorance as he leaned back in his chair. Jodi just barely bit back a wince when the chair creaked in protest at having to support such a large man. If she had to guess, she’d have to say the man weighed...