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The Greek Billionaire and I

The Greek Billionaire and I

Description : The Greek Billionaire and I
Six years ago

The wail of a police siren destroyed the silence in what was usually a peaceful neighborhood, causing curtains to flutter as curious neighbors peered outside their windows. Front doors slammed open, one after another, and in minutes the street was filled with on-lookers.

And in the center of it all was Dotty Garfield, a young figure huddled under an emergency blanket that had been wrapped around her shoulders by the paramedics, her beautiful face carefully devoid of emotion as she watched her parents, Wayne and Lindy, being hurriedly taken away on stretchers.

Behind Dotty, her family’s home looked like it had been ransacked – and it had been. Broken windows, gunshot holes on the walls and door, and overturned potted plants on the front yard. The entire scene didn’t paint the whole story, of course, but she knew that those who really knew her parents would be able to piece everything together soon enough.

She could feel people’s eyes on her, and this caused Dotty to raise her chin and stand proud even if all she wanted to do was just sink into the ground and cry. She wished she were a year younger. If she was seventeen, that meant she was still a child and had the right to cry. To bawl like a kid and wait for someone tofort her and take care of everything.

But she was eighteen now, and the legality of her age weighed down on her like a brick around her neck, drowning her in responsibilities that she couldn’t even begin toprehend.

“Miss?” It was one of the paramedics, a middle-aged woman...