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The Greek Billionaire's Innocent Rrincess

The Greek Billionaire's Innocent Rrincess

Description : The Greek Billionaire's Innocent Rrincess
NIKOSANGELAKIstood at the edge of the ballroom and surveyed the five hundred or so guests

who were dancing or sipping champagne beneath the ornate chandeliers. The men were uniform

in black tuxedos, while the women—dressed in couture gowns and flaunting a spectacular array

of diamonds and precious gems—flitted about the dance floor like gaudy butterflies. He flicked

back the cuff of his dinner jacket, glanced at his Rolex, and then began to make his way across

the room—aware of the interested glances he received as he passed. At thirty-two he was used to

the attention his looks and the rumours of his wealth attracted. An attractive blonde in a daringly

low-cut dress caught his attention, and his gaze lingered on her fleetingly before he stepped into

the lobby.

It was the first time he had attended the royal ball or visited the Aristan palace, and he was

impressed by the elegant splendour of the rooms where the silk-covered walls were lined with

priceless works of art. The ruling family of the House of Karedes was one of the wealthiest

families in Europe, and the guest-list included members of the aristocracy and heads of state—

grand people who had no idea that the Prince Regent’s honoured guest tonight had grown up in

the slums of Athens.

Nikos wondered cynically if the butler who had escorted him to the state drawing room to greet

Prince Sebastian...