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The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child

The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child

Description : The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child
IT WAS a bad time to realise that she was in love.

The atmosphere in the resuscitation room was strained and tense—the child’s injuries so severe that no one was holding out much hope of a good oue.

No one, that was, except Dr Nikos Mariakos, the Greek consultant who had a reputation for making miracles happen.

Ella adjusted the oxygen flow with shaking hands and sneaked a glance at the man working across from her. Her heart tumbled, dipped and soared.

Why now? And why this man?

She’d broken both her rules.

Don’t trust.

Don’t love.

At the age of eight she’d learned that men were bad news and she’d locked away her emotions and thrown away the key.

But this man had not only found the key, he’d used it. And what had started as a scorching affair, a physical release from the constant stress of working in the paediatric emergency department, had turned into something deeper.

Ella felt a moment of pure panic, but the child’s condition didn’t allow time for reflection.

‘Suction—more light.’ He gave his orders in a calm, detached tone, apparently undaunted by the enormous task that faced him. It was almost as if he relished the challenge. His hands didn’t shake, his brow didn’t sweat and there was no trace of emotion on his cold, handsome face as he worked to stabilise the critically injured child.

I really do love him, Ella thought helplessly, watching every movement...