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The Greek's Christmas Baby

The Greek's Christmas Baby

Description : The Greek's Christmas Baby
"She'sing out of it."

Eden heard the words, but didn't recognize the voice. Her eyelids felt glued together over a layer of sandpaper. It took a Herculean effort to force them apart and, at first, all she saw was white light and moving shadows.

There were more words, but they sounded like they wereing from under water.

Someone moved to her right. "Yes, Doctor."

Her eyes began to adjust, making recognizable interpretations of the light and shadows.

A young doctor bent over her, his pale blue eyes intent on her face. "Hello, Mrs Kouros. I'm Adam Lewis, the doctor on call when you were brought in. How do you feel?"

"Like I've been hit by a truck," she rasped. Her tongue felt parched and swollen.

"You were…or at least your car was."

Images flashed in her mind. Driving rain, a wet road, the sound of squealing tires. Headlightsing straight at them. The grating honk of a car's horn, long and penetrating. Aristide swearing in Greek and English. His arming out to shield her, the airbags rendering the gesture superfluous. Her brown hair swirling around her face, it and the airbag blocking everything else from view.

More distressing images bombarded her and her hand moved restlessly to cover her still-flat stomach.

Her gray eyes clung to the doctor's, begging reassurance. "My baby?"

The paramedics had said the tiny life inside her probably wouldn't survive the trauma, but she'd prayed...