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The Mad Tatter

The Mad Tatter

Description : The Mad Tatter
"Drop it! Now!"

A flashlight shined behind him, illuminating the darkness of the building. He instinctively opened his hand, the metal canister slipping from his fingers, clattering to the broken asphalt and rolling to a stop right at his feet.

He looked down at it for a moment before slowly turning his head, glancing over his shoulder, making sure not to make any sudden movements. The light blinded him as it bounced around his face. Blinking rapidly, he vaguely made out the blurry forms of two police officers, blocking his only exit, guns drawn and aimed right at his head.


"Turn around," an officer yelled, "and keep your hands where we can see them!"

It took a moment for him to follow that order, caught off guard by the situation. Slowly, he turned the whole way around, raising his hands in the air in front of him. Streaks of black paint splattered his palms, coating his fingertips and staining the edges of his hoodie sleeves. Caught red-handed.

Or black-handed, as it was.

Son of a bitch.

In a blink they were on him, slamming him against the wall as they forced his hands behind his back. Gritting his teeth, he closed his eyes, feeling the rough coldness against his cheek. Handcuffs were tightly secured around his wrists, cutting off circulation, before he was yanked back away, covered in the still-wet paint.

"It's been a long timeing," an officer said, standing in front of him as his partner clutched the handcuffs from behind. He shined the flashlight intentionally right in his eyes, making him flinch as it stung, blinding him. "I knew we'd catch you eventually."

"Oh God… Reece... oh, yes, like that… right there!"

Her voice echoes through the small bedroom, bouncing off the walls plastered with...

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