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The Owner of His Heart

The Owner of His Heart

Description : The Owner of His Heart
LAYLA MATTHEWS had seen some off-putting work spaces in her lifetime. Back in Dallas, where she used to work before returning to Pittsburgh, she’d visited a few of her patients at offices housed in concrete buildings. But she had never seen anything as cold and sterile as the waiting room outside Nathan Sinclair’s office. Though expensively decorated, the chrome furniture and large black and white framed industrial photos seemed to emit a cold wind. Layla shivered just thinking about confronting the man who sat behind the closed, black office door.

“Will it be much longer?” she asked his assistant

“Mr. Sinclair is on a call. When he gets off, I’ll let him know you’re here,” the woman answered without looking up from herputer.

Layla eyed Sinclair’s assistant—an overly thin brunette in her fifties who wore her hair in a tight bun. She patted her own messy curls, wishing she had gone home after her shift to change out of her scrubs and subdue her wild hair into a more business-like style. She shouldn’t have rushed over here, even though she’d had an unexpected breakthrough in the mystery she’de back to Pittsburgh to solve.

That morning, Layla had finally gotten around to sorting through her dead father’s paperwork. She’d sifted through all his bills, setting aside the ones she hadn’t known about and therefore hadn’t managed to pay off yet. But then she found a piece of paper that wasn’t a bill. To her great surprise, it was the receipt for a check made out to her father for more than what she earned in a year as a physical therapist and signed by someone named Nathan Sinclair. It was dated just a short time after her accident.

Layla immediately got on herputer, searching for Nathan Sinclair and Pittsburgh....