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The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride

The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride

Description : The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride
JAKE DEVILA finished shaving and slapped some Platinum around his jaw, a cologne that had most women sniffing with interest. But not his prim and proper personal assistant, the indomitable Merlina Rossi. She invariably wrinkled her nose at it as though it was offensive.

He grinned to himself in the vanity mirror.

The idea that hade to him last night was sure to blast her usually impenetrableposure.

He really enjoyed getting to her, sitting back and watching the fireworks explode in her amber eyes. The eyes of a tiger, he’d often thought, and wondered if she’d ever unsheathe her claws and cut him to ribbons. Could be exciting—all that repressed passion bursting out, attacking him.

Unfortunately such a loss of control would probably lead to the end of the game and he didn’t want that. Mel—she hated being called Mel and her endurance of it was another source of amusement to him—was his salt, a piquant contrast to the sugar of all the other women who sweetened his life. He’d miss her if she walked out on him. Still, he couldn’t give up the exciting sense of brinkmanship with her. It was irresistible.

Must be close to eighteen months since she’de to work for him—the perfect Girl Friday, following his instructions to the letter, keeping his business and social diary on track at all times, fronting for him when he wasmitted elsewhere. He remembered now that it was this last requirement which had started the entertaining clash of wills.

The memory kept the grin on his face as he left the bathroom and walked into his dressing-room to select the clothes he’d wear today. Out of the many résumés he’d ploughed through to find the gem he was looking for, he’d picked Merlina Rossi’s because she’d been P.A. to the editor of a teen...