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The Pretend Girlfriend

The Pretend Girlfriend

Description : The Pretend Girlfriend
Gwen rushed inside out of the rain. Water dripped in tiny rivers from her umbrella as she wrestled it closed, and she tried not to see her reflection in the door, knowing what the moisture did to her hair.

The rain soaked right through her flats, and she could feel her toes getting all pruny.

So, shifting the big messenger bag on her shoulder to try and stop the strap from biting even more deeply into her, Gwen went and checked the mail. Janice, her roomie, usually got it, but Gwen still liked to check out of habit.

Junk, coupons, junk, junk... And one white envelope stamped URGENT! in a shade of red Gwen might have also called urgent. It was from the property managementpany that owned her apartment.

"Probably raising the rent again."

"Pardon?" Gwen said. She turned around, water droplets spraying in a ring from the bottom of her coat, to see an old lady sat on the bench outside the manager's office, her hands resting on her aluminum cane. The woman nodded at the envelope, indicating it with thin, grey eyebrows.

"They're probably going to raise your rent, dear. They like to do that. Everyone's always just in it for the money, now. No sense ofmunity..."

Gwen smiled politely, agreeing. Something about that URGENT stamp tickled her insides with anxiety. And the prospect of even higher rent sent her thoughts to her latest bank statement, and the balance (or lack thereof) therein.

Thanking the elderly woman, Gwen called the elevator. She started tapping her foot, but the feeling of the water shifting...

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