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The Ramirez Bride

The Ramirez Bride

Description : The Ramirez Bride
A PACKET from Brazil…delivered by a courier fulfilling instructions to have Nick Ramirez himself sign for it so that delivery to him personally was assured, no chance of it being mislaid and not reaching him…this packet from Brazil.

Nick watched the courier leave his office, his gaze fixed on the man’s back, on the door closing behind him. He didn’t want to look at the packet now lying on his desk, didn’t want to open it. The hand that had directed it to him had to be the hand of his father, his biological father, who had not earned the right to touch his life in any way whatsoever, let alone force an entry to it. That door had been closed sixteen years ago.

No. Earlier than that.

Much earlier.

Nick was thirty-four now and he’d only been seven when the sense of rejection had hit him full force from all sides. The memory of himself as a young schoolboy not understanding anything, stirred Nick out of his chair, an angry shot of adrenaline energising a move away from the packet from Brazil. At seven he’d been aplete innocent, caught in a web of adult deceptions, trying to find out where he fitted, and the brutal truth had been…he didn’t fit.


So he’d learnt to make his own place.

And this office was part of his place, the driving centre of the advertisingpany that occupied two floors of this prestigious building at Circular Quay with itsmanding view of Sydney Harbour. It was Nick’spany. His alone. He’d built it up, pursuing his concept of what the market would respond to and he’d been proved right. Spectacularly right.

As he stood at the window, looking out at the opera house and the huge coathanger span of the bridge behind it, Nick sardonically reflected that everyone knew sex sold. Sex and glamour. But...