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The Rancher’s Royal Bride

The Rancher’s Royal Bride

Description : The Rancher’s Royal Bride
Ellie looked up at the man standing in front of her. Short, dark brown hair. Steely brown eyes. A firm jaw. She reluctantly decided he could be called attractive, especially with his chiseled cheekbones, if he didn’t have a taciturn expression on his face. His navy jeans and blue and white checked long-sleeved shirt with rugged brown boots suited his tough good looks.

“Logan Trask?” her uncle asked, essing the stranger in one swift glance.

“Mark Sterling?” Logan Trask examined her uncle closely, appearing to take in his appearance.

Both men held up their IDs, scrutinizing the other’s photo andparing it to the person in front of them.

Her uncle finally nodded. “Take good care of her.” He turned to Ellie and pressed a light kiss to her cheek. “Try not to worry about your father. The doctors said he’s doing well.”

Ellie bit her lip. “I know,” she murmured.

“Call me if you need anything.”

She nodded, knowing she probably wouldn’t. Her uncle was a very busy man, and she was still surprised he’d insisted on apanying her to Wyoming. She was twenty-six years old, for heaven’s sake!

In fact, the whole situation was strange. A couple of days ago, she’d been busy packing for her vacation to Hawaii, with two of her girlfriends, when her father had turned up at her apartment, requesting she visit his friend’s ranch in Wyoming instead. When she’d protested, he’d pulled out the Dad card.