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The Satin Sash

The Satin Sash

Description : The Satin Sash
“Your woman wants me.”

Grey Richards froze, then lowered the glass of wine and turned to look at the man facing him. Heath’s jet black eyes gleamed with a disconcerting mix of devilment and concern.

Grey glanced over the crowded room to where Toni stood, smiling among a group of women. His gut clenched in a knot. “Come again?”

“Your woman. She wants me.”

For a stunned moment, Grey gazed into the crimson depths of his glass, his sixth of red cabernet, and decided if he wasn’t drunk, then his friend and partner was.


“Do you have another woman?” Heath replied.

Grey could only stare at him.

Underneath the black tuxedo he’d borrowed from Grey, Heath Solis was still the rough-edged daredevil he’d met twenty years ago, and while his social skills could use a little polish, Grey had always appreciated his bluntness.

No one cut through the bullshit like Heath.

Together they’d been through good times and bad, but unspoken between them lay a quiet understanding. They worked well together. Grey the brain; Heath the muscle.

Having jointly built RS Corporation from scratch, making thepany Chicago’s most successfulmercial development firm, Grey managed the corporate offices in the city while Heath handled their businesses abroad.Where Heath liked to keep his private life to himself, Grey had to face the press. Grey enjoyed living lavishly, while Heath preferred frugal surroundings.


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