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The Sheik's Intimate Proposition

The Sheik's Intimate Proposition

Description : The Sheik's Intimate Proposition
Samir Amar Hassan del Bousaid watched with fascination as the woman walked into the penthouse suite of The Gregorio Hotel. He was so fascinated by her blond loveliness that he wasn’t even aware that his numerous aides and body guards, the additional security detail and the ambassador were all staring as well.

She wasn’t just lovely, he thought as she approached with her clip board tucked up primly against her chest. She was…fascinating! Her steps were long and confident, her legs slender and enticing even though she was shorter than most of the women he normally took to his bed. He generally preferred tall women. He liked them tall enough so he didn’t need to stoop to kiss but for this one, he would make an exception. Yes, she was enticing enough despite her shorter stature.

And those lips! They looked like they’d been kissed by roses. Even as he thought that, his mind laughed at how he’d resorted to poetry while watching the woman float across the broad expanse of hardwood flooring towards him.

“Good evening, Your Highness,” the blond woman said, bowing ever so slightly. Another deviation, he thought. Most women of his acquaintance would bow deeply or perhaps curtsy. Some did so out of subservience and others so that he could get a better glimpse of their cleavage. But this young woman with the sharp, intelligent brown eyes, didn’t appear to have any of those subterfuges. She was without artifice, he thought.

“I apologize for not being available to you upon your arrival but I’m just checking to make...