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The Sorcerer Heir

The Sorcerer Heir

Description : The Sorcerer Heir
For Keith Swift Chima: you look at the world slant.

And that’s a good thing.

“Where are you off to, Alicia?” Aunt Millisandra asked as Leesha Middleton sidled past on her way to the door.

“A party,” Leesha said, purposely vague. “I’ll be back late.”

“Is the party here in town?” Aunt Millie asked. “Will there be drinking? Will you be careful?”

This was unusual. Aunt Millie wasn’t a particularly intrusive chaperone, given that she had a very clear memory of what it was like to be young, and a very poor memory of anything that had happened in the past year.

“The party is at Seph McCauley’s house,” Leesha said. “I don’t know about the drinking, but I’m always careful these days.”

Aunt Millisandra looked over the rims of her reading glasses. The glasses weren’t functional—they had no glass in them. Aunt Millie didn’t love the way the glass reflected, but she liked the look otherwise. “You look ravishing, my dear. It must be a very fancy party. I haven’t seen you wear that dress before. And the leather goggles—is that a new fashion?”

“It’s a costume,” Leesha said, brushing at her vampish dress. “For a Halloween party.”

“A costume,” Aunt Millie said, emitting a shower of sparks, signifying delight. “Is it really Halloween?” She looked around wildly. “Is it beggars’ night? Should I have candy? Oh, dear.” She brightened. “I did make muffins the other day. Maybe we can—”

“No, Aunt Millie,” Leesha said, batting out the sparks that landed on the...

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