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The Temporary Mrs. King

The Temporary Mrs. King

Description : The Temporary Mrs. King
“I think we should get married.”

Sean King choked on his sip of beer. Slamming the icy bottle down onto the polished teak bar, he coughed until tears filled his eyes. He was forced to blink them away to see the woman who had nearly killed him with six little words.

She was worth it.

Her hair was nearly as black as his. Her eyes were a softer blue than his own and her skin was a pale honey color, telling him she spent a lot of time outdoors. She had high cheekbones, delicately arched black brows and a look of fierce determination stamped on her features.

Something inside him stirred when she licked her lips and, just for a second, he let his gaze drop to appreciate the rest of her. She was wearing a lemon-yellow sundress that showed off a pair of truly amazing legs. Her sandals boasted bright white flowers positioned over toes that were painted bloodred.

Finally lifting his gaze to hers, he gave her a half smile and said, “Married? Don’t you think we should have dinner first?”

Her lips twitched briefly, then she shot a look at the bartender, as if assuring herself he was far enough away to not overhear her. “I know how strange that sounded.?…”

He laughed. “Strange is a good word for it.”

“…but, I have my reasons.”

“Good to know,” he said and lifted his beer for another sip. “Bye now.”

She blew out an exasperated breath. “You’re Sean King. You’re here to meet with Walter Stanford—”

Intrigued, Sean narrowed his eyes on her. “News travels fast on a small island.”

“Even faster when Walter is your grandfather.”

“Grandfather?” he repeated. “That means you’re—”