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The Texas Billionaire's Baby

The Texas Billionaire's Baby

Description : The Texas Billionaire's Baby
Gina Rigoletti’s heart pounded as she followed the sounds of deep male laughter and happy baby squeals to a child’s playroom in the Barnes mansion. She’d been here before…years ago. Back then, this room had been a sitting area attached to Logan Barnes’s bedroom. Fate had brought her here again.

On the threshold of the playroom, she shut down the memories before they paralyzed her altogether to focus on Logan Barnes. He was sitting on the floor in front of an easy chair. With ease, he lifted his fourteen-month-old son high in the air. Little Daniel giggled and his dad laughed again.

The love between father and son was palpable as Gina took a step toward them, swallowing her anxiety. She called softly, “Logan?”

The tall, muscled, tawny-haired Texan stilled. Then he got to his feet and slowly turned—his son in his arms—and faced her.

“I should have called you after your pediatrician set up this appointment with me for Daniel. But I knew the conversation would be awkward. And Tessa gave you my name so if you’d wanted to cancel—”

“I did my homework on you after Dr. Rossi made the appointment,” he cut in, stopping her.

Though he had been relaxed before she’d entered, now his shoulders were straight, his stance taut and determined as he went on, “You’re the only expert near Sagebrush with your credentials—an M.A. in pediatric physical therapy and a Ph.D. in infant and toddler development. When did you move back here and...