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The Wedding

The Wedding

Description : The Wedding

How could he!

The refrain had pounded through Tessa’s head all night. It had punctuated the rattle of the train trip to North Sydney from her sister’s home in Chatswood. It was still throbbing through her mind as she entered the huge CMA building that housed the headquarters of Callagan, Morris and Allen, the engineering and architecturalpany that claimed her services as a secretary.

That any man—but most particularly a man who said he loved her—could do such a thing! It was beyond Tessa’sprehension.

Tears pricked her eyes again. She determinedly blinked them back as she strode across the foyer. No more tears for Grant Durham. He didn’t deserve them. He didn’t deserve anything from her, ever again!

She entered an empty elevator and jabbed the button for her floor. As the doors closed she vehemently vowed she would close the door on Grant Durham and never let him back into her life. Never!

She had issued the ultimatum last night. Out! And if Grant was not out of her apartment by the time she got back after work today, she would—she would... Well, she didn’t know what she would do, except the scene that would follow would be dreadful.

Her stomach twisted. Her heart ached. Her mind reeled weakly for a moment, then clutched at an even fiercer self-determination.

The elevator reached her floor and Tessa stomped down the wide corridor to Jerry Frame’s executive suite of offices, stoking resolution with righteous and furious indignation as she reviewed the degrading humiliation of the previous evening. No more pain, she told herself. No more anguish over him. Grant Durham was finished. FINISHED! In her mind’s eye the word looked better in capital letters. No forgiveness. Not for any reason. Never. Four years of her life...