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The Wrong Mirror

The Wrong Mirror

Description : The Wrong Mirror
KIRSTY was dying.

Karen knew it even as she struggled into consciousness. Shock jerked her upright in bed. It was not a nightmare. She didn't know how she could be so sure, yet she was. It was a truth as implacable as ... as a law of the universe. Inescapable.

And, just as relentless as that truth, came the second wave of shock, harder and more jolting than the first. Kirsty was dying in pain--terrible pain. And she was somewhere on the other side of the world in the Middle East ... Syria, Lebanon, Israel?

Karen scrambled out of bed,pelled to move, to do something. She wrenched her mind out of shock and tried to grasp a line of purpose. Hold on, Kirsty! Hold on! I'll get there somehow. Please God, let her hold on. I've got to see her, be with her. She can't die yet.

Frantic eyes darted a glance at the clock. Two seventeen. What could she do at this hour? It was the middle of the night. Ring the airport, get a seat. But to where? Where exactly was Kirsty?

The force of her need to reach her sister pushed back the panic that was scrambling Karen's mind. An answer flashed into it. Kirsty was with Hal--Hal Chissolm--and Hal's father would know where they were. She ran out to the family room, snapping on the light switch as she flew past. She snatched the telephone book from the shelf below the kitchen bar. Her hands fumbled through the pages in desperate haste. Chissolm ... Chissolm ...

Her finger was running down the page when the sense of loss hit her. An awareness of pain shut off, a cold emptiness that glazed her eyes and froze her finger to the page. No ... no ... no! her mind screamed. You can't die like that! You can't! Not without me, Kirsty. Oh God, please ... please ... don't do that to Kirsty. Not Kirsty.

She shook her head, refusing to believe. It wasn't happening. It hadn't happened. It...