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Their Sweet Desire

Their Sweet Desire

Description : Their Sweet Desire
Antoinette “Toni” DeLuca hadn’t expected Vince to be here when she arrived home from work. But there the fucker was, sitting at her Goddamn kitchen table, drinking an espresso.

“Hey, baby, I was waiting for you.”

She was instantly frustrated, and a bit on edge. She didn’t trust him. She actually felt her body tighten and her heart race. In fact, she hated the man for numerous reasons.

“What the hell are you doing here, Vince? Breaking and entering is a crime.” She threw her small backpack onto the couch. She had to be careful about giving him an attitude. He was a gangster wannabe. But his family was a different story. No matter what he did, his family never seemed to be impressed with his actions. He wasn’t good enough, and then she hade along. The family saw her as an asset. Vince saw her as his chance to prove himself to his family, and gain a profitable business. But the business was hers. She started it, along with her grandfather, and turned it into the great store it was today. Not Vince Saggaretti.

She gave him the evil eye.

He raised his eyebrow at her. He appeared almost about to strike with his tongue, but thought better of it. He knew things were over. His persistence was bing a serious problem. Why didn’t he get it? Why was he forcing the issue? I’m not getting back together with you, you jerk. Your family murdered my grandfather. Like I would forget that? Never. I’ll never forget it.

He trailed his finger along the small ring on the little red demitasse...