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Thrill Ride

Thrill Ride

Description : Thrill Ride
Black Knights Inc. HQ

Goose Island, Chicago, Illinois…

“They say he’s gone rogue.”

Like a bad smell, the sentence seemed to hang in the air. Those seated around the large conference table shifted ufortably, their expressions varying from wary disbelief to stubborn denial.

Vanessa Cordero found herself falling into that last group. He wouldn’t. Not Rock.

“Who’s they?” Ozzie asked. The guy’s wild blond hair and Star Trek T-shirt—it read I beat the Kobayashi Maru—shouted of his secure position in the upper echelons of Geekdom as loudly as the three microsized laptops open in front of him.

“Official word came down through the DOD,” Boss said, pulling out a chair and wearily sinking into it. Frank “Boss” Knight, their esteemed leader, was built like an Abrams tank. Of course, right now he looked more like Atlas—the weight of the world squarely on his big shoulders.

“The DOD?” Ozzie snorted, and Vanessa watched his youthful face contort with skepticism. “Well that makes it all clear as mud, now doesn’t it?”

The Department of Defense oversaw all facets of government intelligence and defense from the NSA down to the individual branches of the military. So, yeah, saying the information came from the DOD was ambiguous at best, and downright cryptic at worst.

Boss’s jaw hardened. He seemed to hesitate before finally opening the accordion-style folder tucked under his arm. Pulling out a stack of bundled papers, he tossed them into the middle of the table. “Pass ’em around,” hemanded.

Vanessa was almost afraid to take one. Afraid of what the information might reveal and—

No. He wouldn’t do this. Not Rock.

Not the...