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Throttle Me

Throttle Me

Description : Throttle Me
The moonlight filtered through the pine trees lining the fields, leaving shadows on the pavement. The crisp air that had been missing for months caressed my skin. Cranking up the radio, I sang along to the lyrics from Justin Timberlake’s ”Rock Your Body”. It was just the cool breeze, JT, and me. I couldn’t wait to crawl in my bed, close my eyes, getting lost in a dream world that had nothing to do with my current reality.

The night had been perfect. I had dinner and drinks with my best friend, Sophia, and although I was exhausted from a long workday I felt a sense of serenity. Spending time with Sophia always made me happy. She was like a sister to me, especially when she lived with me for over a year. I felt like part of me had been missing since the day she moved out, leaving me behind.

Dancing in the seat, screaming out the lyrics, I thought about how I wanted someone that would do everything the song described. No one had ever made me feel the way that JT sang about women. The steering wheel shook in my hands and a screeching sound pulled me out of my JT trance.

“Damn it,” I said, hitting the steering wheel with my palm.

The orange flash from my hazards blinked against the dark pavement as I pulled off the road and my car sputtered to a stop. Bad luck seemed to follow me. I squeezed the steering wheel, trying to calm my frazzled nerves. I knew the day woulde, the day my car would die, but I prayed it would happen after my next paycheck… no such luck.

Resting my head on the wheel, I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. “Great, just fucking great.” I rocked back and forth, feeling sorry for myself, hitting my head on the cool plastic. I thought about who to call or where to walk. I hadn’t...