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Through to You

Through to You

Description : Through to You
This is how it starts:

In world history, with a note, on a random Wednesday afternoon.

Penn Mattingly puts the note on my desk as he’s walking to his seat in the back of the room.

Instantly I’m suspicious.

We’re in high school. High school boys are notorious for leaving weird notes and other paraphernalia around, and usually whatever they’ve left doesn’t say or represent anything nice or appropriate.

“What’s that?” my best friend Anna says. Then she reaches across the aisle and plucks the note off my desk.

“Hey!” I don’t know why, but suddenly I feel very protective of that note. I’m sure it says something totally ridiculous and/or bordering on sexual harassment. One time sophomore year a senior left a note in Anna’s locker that said, I like your tits in that shirt. If I’d gotten a note like that, I would have died. But Anna just smiled and took it as apliment. And then she started dating that boy, which was kind of an unconventional way for a relationship to start. But whatever.

“What?” Anna asks as she starts to unfold the piece of paper. “We’re best friends. We’re supposed to share everything.”

I reach over and steal it back. “I’ll let you read it,” I say, “but I should get to read it first.”

But I don’t open the paper, at least not right away. Instead I just hold it in my hand. In that second a shiver, almost like a premonition, runs up my spine. I feel like if I read what’s on that piece of paper, I’m going to be starting down a road I can’t turn back from.

“Open it!” Anna stage-whispers.

“Okay, okay.” But still I don’t. I turn around and glance...

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