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Tied to the Billionaire

Tied to the Billionaire

Description : Tied to the Billionaire
“Andy! Come play with us!”

Andrew MacIntyre peered over the edge of his newspaper. A diminutive, pastel-clad figure gazed up at him from the foot of the terrace where he was finishing his breakfast. Flaxen curls framed her fair, conventionally pretty face. At the moment, her rosebud mouth was twisted into an exaggerated pout that he found distinctly unappealing.

“I’m sorry, Miss Linton. Did you say something?”

“Come play croquet, won’t you? You so rarely join us. And you’re so very good at the game.”

He surveyed the vast expanse of lawn sweeping down towards the sea. A bevy of female forms attired in ankle-length summer frocks ambled about on the lush green backdrop, chattering and lazily swinging their mallets. They were far enough away that he could barely discern their features under their hats, but he knew who they were. Henrietta Linton, Mary Beth’s younger sister. Louise Vanpatten and her cousin Thelma. Cynthia Bellamy. Selena Larimer. Plus his own sisters, Letty and Ann. Aside from his siblings, all were guests whom his mother had invited to Wavecrest for a festive week leading up to Independence Day—all unmarried daughters of wealthy bankers and industrialists.

“Perhaps after I finish my coffee and the business pages.” He favoured her with a slight smile. Her ecstatic expression improved her looks considerably. “Maybe another ten minutes. Will that do, Miss Linton?”

“Oh, yes! Thank you, sir!” She added the honorific in...

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