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Time for Change

Time for Change

Description : Time for Change
“You’ve got to promise me you’ll find someone,” Claire said.

Christian Scopes, Chris to his closest family, stared down at his wife and couldn’t stop the annoyance he was feeling. For the past couple of weeks she’d done nothing but talk about death. Ever since she’d watched some death documentary on television she’d been talking about it. He loved Claire with all of his heart, but he knew she always struggled to separate watching a documentary from reality. When she was watching the medical programs a few months back she was sure she’d gotten tuberculosis. Her recent obsession was too much. Being a doctor he’d stopped her panicking about the illnesses, but this he could not control. The topic was way too morbid, and he couldn’t bring himself to think about losing her. She was the best part of him. For the longest time he’d been a loner, screwing his way through women while making enemies along the way. He was a doctor, a damn good one, but it was Claire who made him a good man. Until she came into his life, he’d not cared what people thought of him. Only with Claire did he care what she thought.

“You’re not going to die, and you’re going to stop talking as if you are,” he said, leaning down to kiss her. His wife still possessed the rounded curves of her recent pregnancy. Their baby girl was sleeping soundly in the next room.

“But if I do, will you promise me that you’ll find someone else and never leave Rachel alone?”

Rolling his eyes, Chris collapsed to the bed. Rachel was her sister, the other Metcalf woman. He’d met Claire when she was thirty-two, the same age as he was. Chris had been surprised to hear about her sixteen year old sister. Rachel...