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Description : Trust
“Leighann Winston?” A tall man dressed in blue jeans and t-shirt entered the outer office.

“I'm Leighann.” She clenched her hands as she stood. I can't believe how nervous and excited I am about starting this new job. Douglas is just happy I have a job, but I have a feeling about this, it may just change my life. After she'd applied for a fork lift operator position, she'd been happy when they'd called her and told that if she wanted the job, it was hers.

“Pleased to meet you, Leighann. Looking at your application here, I see you have little experience with the forklifts we use, but you've driven several other types of powered trucks?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Call me Randy. I'll be your immediate supervisor. We'll be having our morning meeting shortly. I'll be pairing you up with one of our senior guys. He'll show you the ropes. I don't know if you realize it or not, but this is primarily a male dominated department. Follow me.”

She nodded and followed him into a small break room.

As people started to trickle in, she was not overly shocked to note she was one of the few women present. Out of twenty people there are only three women. Randy wasn't kidding when he warned me about this being a man's department. I've never seen so many young and hunky men in one place. This is definitely going to be a change from my last job.

After being introduced around the department, she was paired up with Jason Adair, a senior fork lift driver. When he joined her, she was pleasantly surprised when she had to look up at him. At five ten, she was often eye level with most men. As she followed him out on the floor she couldn't help but smile. Well, at least this won't be an entire hardship. With that dark...