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Trusting The Boss

Trusting The Boss

Description : Trusting The Boss
Emma knew she’d made a mistake the second the elevator doors opened. The clean, crisp reception area she looked out at seemed so calm and peaceful and quiet. In her mind, she saw herself confidently striding up to the receptionist and giving her a cool stare. “I’m here for Victoria Green.” The receptionist would stutter and Emma would calmly brush off her protests and insist that she bring the CEO out. From there, she and Victoria could finally sit down and talk….

The elevator doors started to close and Emma quickly stumbled out into the lobby. The receptionist was now full-on staring at Emma and she knew she couldn’t wimp out. She clutched her purse even tighter to her side as if it were a shield as she approached the desk.

“Hi there. How can I help you?” asked the friendly woman behind the desk. Instead of the hot, twenty-something woman Emma thought she’d be facing off with, the receptionist was a woman in her late fifties or early sixties whose hair was dotted with bits of gray and whose smile lit up her entire face.

“Um, I’m here to talk to Victoria Green.”

“I’m sorry, but Ms. Green isn’t in the office today. Is there someone else I can get for you or can I take a message?”

Emma’s mouth dropped open before she abruptly closed it. This wasn’t part of the plan! “I can wait. Will she be back soon?”

“Unfortunately, she’s not scheduled to be back today.”

Great. This entire stupid...