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Trying Not to Love You

Trying Not to Love You

Description : Trying Not to Love You
"Mom, I'm home!" I called out when I opened the front door.

"Hi, baby girl. How was school?" I walked over to my mom and gave her a hug. We shuffled off to the kitchen as we did every day when I got home to make me a snack.

When we walked into the kitchen, my older brothers Mason and Cooper, who are twins and Jackson were sitting at the table doing homework with the most handsome boy I had ever seen.

"Kenzie, close your mouth." Jackson said, laughing.

I was standing there staring at him; I couldn't pry my eyes off of him. "Shut up!" I said to Jackson just as the boy looked up to see me staring at him. He smiled at me.

I quickly looked over to Mom. She had a giant smile on her face. "What would you like to eat?"

"I'm not hungry." No way could I eat in front of him. He was causing butterflies in my belly. "Is it okay if Haileyes over?"

I heard Mason groan and mumble, "Not again."

"Of course she can," Mom said while pouring sweet tea into glasses.

I reached for the cordless phone on the kitchen island, called Hailey and asked her toe over.

She walked into the kitchen like she owned the place but stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed who was sitting at the table. I giggled and ran off to my room with Hailey close on my heels. Once she shut my bedroom door, she turned around and asked, "Umm Kenzie, who is that at the table?"

"I have no idea; he is cute though, isn't he?"

"You can say that again. We need to go ask your mom." Hailey was always brave like that. She does not hold back.

"No way." I said bashfully and sat down on the chair in front of my vanity.

"He must have just moved here." Hailey picked up a brush...

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