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Undone by Her Tender Touch

Undone by Her Tender Touch

Description : Undone by Her Tender Touch
She shouldn’t be so nervous about catering for a bunch of muckety-mucks, but Pippa Laingley wanted everything to be perfect for her friend Ashley Carter’s housewarming.

And really, why should she be nervous? Just because the net worth of the assembled guests was more than the national debt shouldn’t be cause for her to sweat. Okay, and there was the fact that Pippa was on the verge of opening her own storefront café and catering business and she needed this to go off without a hitch so there would be good word of mouth and maybe a few referrals.

She spun around in Ashley’s huge kitchen, mentally taking stock of what was ready to go out. Where were the damn waiters?

On cue, the door swung open, and a guy who couldn’t be more than twenty hustled through. Pippa took one look and groaned.

“Where’s your uniform?”

He gave her a blank look.

She sighed and closed her eyes. “White shirt? Black slacks? Nice polished shoes? Preferably well-groomed hair?”

His mouth worked and then he snapped it shut. “I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m the emergency fill-in. I just assumed whatever I needed would be here.”

Pippa blew out her breath. “First day on the job?”

“Yeah,” he mumbled. “A friend told me about part-time gigs that paid good money. I’m sort of filling in for him.”

Her gaze narrowed. Great. She wasn’t even getting an official employee. Some moron had decided to skip and had worked a deal with...