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Untamed Billionaire, Undressed Virgin

Untamed Billionaire, Undressed Virgin

Description : Untamed Billionaire, Undressed Virgin
CONNOR O’BRIEN’S plane glided into Sydney on the first rays of dawn. The shadowy city materialised below, a mysterious patchwork of rooftops and dark sea, emerging from the mists of night. Theforts it promised were wee, after the deserts he’d traversed over the last five years in the dubious name of Intelligence, but Connor expected no feeling of homing. To him Sydney was just another city. Its spires and skyscrapers felt no more connected to him than the mosques and minarets he’d left behind.

Once on the ground, he breezed through customs, courtesy of his diplomatic status. His honed blending-in skills spared him any undue attention. He was just another tall Australian in the Foreign Service.

The technicalities taken care of, he strolled across the International Terminal with his long easy stride, his single suitcase in tow, laptop case in his spare hand. From force of habit, with covert skill he scanned the groups of sleepy relatives waiting to embrace their loved ones. Wives and girlfriends beaming up at their men and weeping, children running into their fathers’ arms. For him, no one. With his father gone now, he kept no personal connections. No lives at risk for knowing him. His precious anonymity was intact. Not a soul to know or care if Connor O’Brien lived or died, and that was how it had to be.

The glass exit doors opened...