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Wallflower Gone Wild

Wallflower Gone Wild

Description : Wallflower Gone Wild
“Let the great husband hunt begin!”


Lady Olivia Archer’s first season

London, 1821

In spite of extensive preparation from Lady Penelope’s Finishing School for Young Ladies of Fine Families, Lady Olivia Archer was a failure on the marriage mart. The season had scarcely begun when it was abundantly clear her education would be useless for attracting suitors.

“I daresay gentlemen don’t care to hear about embroidery,” Olivia remarked to her friends—and fellow wallflowers—Lady Emma Avery and Miss Prudence Merryweather Payton. She had just returned from one of the three dances on her otherwise empty dance card.

“We’re supposed to ask gentlemen about themselves,” Emma remarked. “But what are we to do if they ask us about ourselves?”

“Exactly! ‘A young lady should be seen and not heard,’ ” Olivia said. It was one of The Rules they had dutifully learned. “But it would be rude not to reply.”

“I tried that and it was a disaster,” Prudence said with a shudder. “I spent a half hour listening to Lord Gifford talk about the drainage ditches on his estate.”

Nearby, Lady Katherine Abernathy—their classmate from Lady P’s—burst into laughter, along with the group of young, handsome, eligible bachelors surrounding her. It was safe to say they were not discussing...

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