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Weak Without Him

Weak Without Him

Description : Weak Without Him
Viva Las Vegas.

Sometimes I hated myself for being weak, for giving into Finnley Felton. Other times I reveled in his touch, in the fact that he wanted and had me. When I looked into his eyes, something inside of me snapped in to place,pacting every emotion, creating a wave of solitude knowing he had taken my virginity. Regardless of how much I pretended he took me, I willingly gave myself to him like the little whore I was meant to be. Finnley's whore and, truth be known, I would do it again, and again, and again.

Three pounds against my door tore me from a dreamless sleep. I swung it open and there stood Jesse with a bitch grin on her face. I cocked an eyebrow at her awkward happiness.

"You're due in Mr. Felton's office immediately. I know it's a struggle for you, but try to look presentable."


"Because you're fired."

Those words physically overtook her. At that moment I realized how much she really hated me.

"You're being released from your duties. Once the paperwork is signed at the office, it will be finished. No time for your shit. All of it will be packed and shipped to wherever you will be living. Termination effective immediately."

"I need to get dressed, at least. And exactly what did I do to be fired?"

I wanted to hear the words 'you fucked Felton'e from her mouth, and I smiled slyly as she pursed her lips to speak.

"You are being terminated for refusing Luketon Brand, deliberately disobeying orders, and for disrespecting Mr. Felton. I've had enough of you and so has he."

My eyes widened. That mother fuc—

I couldn't even finish my thoughts without her interrupting me.

"What are you waiting for? Get dressed, now."


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