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What He Commits

What He Commits

Description : What He Commits
I wanted to kill him.

As soon as the mask came off, I wanted to beat him until he was dead. I’d wanted to kill him from the beginning, wanted to hurt and maim whoever it was that had put Charlotte in danger. But seeing Josh’s face caused the rage inside of me to roar to life, like a furnace being turned on for the winter.

The heat and fury blew through me, and before I knew what I was doing I’d picked him up and thrown him against the wall of the hallway, so hard I could hear his ribs rattle. The sound gave me a sick satisfaction.

Scenes from that long-ago night with my stepfather flashed through my mind, the solidness of the bat in my hands, the shattering of his knees as I slammed the heavy wood into his legs.

I’d thrown up later that night, had walked outside and vomited into the bushes as my adrenaline dissipated and the realization of what I’d done had hit me. The present and the past morphed together now, the scent of vomit filling my nostrils, the sound of Audi’s screams from that night echoing through the hallway, Josh’s face morphing into that of my stepfather’s.

For a moment I thought I was going insane, thought I was going to have a break with reality that would end with me killing Josh, with me losing my shit right here and beating him to death. The irony wasn’t lost on me -- I’d spent all this time trying to prove to Charlotte that I wasn’t a killer, and yet here I was, about to kill someone right in front of her.

It was that thought that snapped me back, the watercolor painting of my mind sharpening until everything was back in focus.

The smell of vomit was replaced with the musty smell of Force, my stepfather’s face turned back into Josh’s,...

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