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When Fangirls Lie

When Fangirls Lie

Description : When Fangirls Lie
“That’s him, isn’t it? Staffan!” Carmina Virgil was the first one to spot the limousine driving out of the underground parking lot. Thousands of women who also lined the street echoed her scream, all of them waiting to catch even just a glimpse of Staffan Aehrenthal.

“I effing love you!” the brunette next to her yelled as the limousine inched nearer, its journey impeded by the fans doing their best to get past the human barricade that stood in their way. The hotel management had called police officers to the scene, their private security unable to handle the hysterical fans that did everything short of murder to get closer to their favorite rockstar.

The brunette started sobbing. “Love you, oh my God, love you!”

Carmina rolled her eyes even as she continued recording the limousine moving in front them at a snail’s space. Typical fangirl bullshit, she thought as she irritably pushed her red locks away. Why couldn’t they say it like it was? They didn’t love Staffan Aehrenthal. They just loved the idea of loving him.

It was a good thing she had no such misconceptions. She was a fan of Staffan because he sang well, danced well, and – according to the other Gs – he f**ked unbelievably well, too. Maybe if she was lucky, she’d learn about it firsthand, too.

A wide-eyed teenage girl with glasses next to Carmina asked in a shaky yell, “Is it always like this?”

“Like this what?” Carmina’s head started to ache. With the throng of crazy obsessed fans jostling behind them, it was a challenge to keep eye contact with the younger girl.

The younger girl waved a hand. “Is it always this crazy?” Her voice was slightly muffled as a more aggressive wave of iing fans tried to move past her.