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When I Fall

When I Fall

Description : When I Fall

I NEVER THOUGHT A PHONE call could change my life.

Clothes are flying everywhere as I ransack the bedroom, grabbing everything I own and stuffing it into the open duffle bag on the bed. I don’t care how messy I pack right now. I don’t care if every article of clothing is wrinkled beyond recognition. I don’t want to stay here another second, and now, I don’t have to.

“What are you doin,’ baby?”

I look up at Rocco, standing in the doorway of the bedroom, self-righteous smirk in place.

“What does it look like I’m doing?”

“It looks like you’re boltin.’”


“Yeah, I’m boltin.’ I should’ve nevere here in the first place.”

He grins and leans his shoulder against the doorframe. “Where you gonna go, huh? Back to sleepin’ in your car? You ain’t got nobody, Beth. No family . . .”

“I do have family,” I bite out as my bottom lip begins to tremble. It ceases with the sharp breath I take in. “Turns out my momma has a sister, and she told me I can live with her. That’s where I’m going.”

He shakes his head slowly through a laugh and I look away, grabbing my Kindle off the dresser and lying it on top of my balled up T-shirts.

“You takin’ that with you?”

I freeze with my hand on the zipper, slowly lifting my head to meet his icy-blue stare.

I’d never beg for anything from this man. But this, this I might just beg for.

“Go ahead,” he says, pushing off the frame and straightening up. “What the fuck would I do with it?”

“Thank you,” I reply sincerely, as he turns and heads back down the hallway.

I am grateful for a lot...