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When I Lie with You

When I Lie with You

Description : When I Lie with You

Our flight was scheduled to leave Paris at ten a.m. Ian didn’t bring his dad’s plane because Richard had taken a trip for the holidays. It was New Year’s Day and we were both hung over, not only from the alcohol, but from all the sex we had last night. Ian and I rang in the new year on a perfect note, and now it was time to get back to reality and head back to Malibu.

“Happy New Year, sweetheart,” Ian said as he kissed my head.

I lay wrapped tightly in his arms since it was only the two of us, na**d on the bed, sheets torn off from last night’s escapades.

“Happy New Year.” I smiled as I lifted my head from his chest and kissed his lips. “I don’t want to go back to Malibu. I like Paris and I want to stay.”

“We cane back here any time you want to. If I could move here, I would. I would pack you up, keep you all to myself, and forget family and friends. But we have to live in reality, sweetheart, and unfortunately, we have to work, or at least I have to.”

I gave him a confused look before nipping his bottom lip. “What do you mean by you have to? Am I not working for you anymore?”

“No, you’re not. I’m firing you.” He smiled.

“Mr. Braxton, I’ll have you know that I’ve never been fired before. Would you care to explain to me the reason why you’re firing me as your assistant?”

A small smile graced his face as he placed his hand on my cheek. “I want you to do something that you want to do and being my assistant isn’t it. Pursue a career in music, take some classes. The world is your oyster, my love, and I’ll do everything I can to make sure you’re happy.”

“I love you so much, Ian,” I said as I kissed...

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