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Wild Addiction

Wild Addiction

Description : Wild Addiction

I never knew true addiction until her. I never truly understood what it is to crave—mind, body, and soul—until nothing matters but fulfilling that craving. Until the only thing that matters is easing the hollow ache inside.

It’s there whenever we’re apart. Like a dark hole, it lingers, intensifying until my mind is full of blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Until my mind is full of easy curves, bare before me. Until my desires reflect her bending at the waist, her pert, little arse in the air, colored red by my palm, the outline of my fingers visible against her pale skin.

Every day, it’s something new, something different, something I never allowed myself to think of. It’s more than against the wall, more than her hands bound, more than a blindfold across her eyes. Now, I can think freely, imagine all the ways and all the places I can have her.

Because she trusts me.

And she’s fucking mine.

My Liv. My bitch. My beautiful, flighty bitch.

Now, she’s sitting in front of me with her eyes wide and her hands covering her mouth. She’s deathly still. And quiet. So fucking quiet that every second that passes cuts deeper than anything she could ever say would.

But she hasn’t moved away from me either. She’s still sitting in my arms, her legs hooked over mine, staring at me like it’s the last thing she ever expected me to say.

I run my eyes across her face, taking advantage of her silence to look at her. Her hair is messy, her blue-green eyes shining, her cheeks flushed. She looks freshly fucked, and she is, but more than that, she looks shocked.

“Liv?” I prompt. “Are you going to say anything?”

She drops her hands and slowly licks her lips. My gaze instantly drops to her mouth.

“I, um… I don’t...

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