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Wild Man

Wild Man

Description : Wild Man
“Oh my God, ” I breathed as I came, my mind blanking, every inch of my body tightening as bliss like I never felt before coursed through me.

When I was done, my neck righted, my eyes slowly opened and I saw him still moving over me, in me, God, God, he looked good. Beautiful. And he felt good. Amazing.

His gorgeous, silvery gray eyes were locked to mine, heated, intense, glittering, searing into me, all of this in a way he’d never looked at me before. Not once in the four months we’d been together.

And I knew, feeling the burn of his eyes, what that look meant. I knew this man, this fantastic, striking, wild man was mine.


I felt it in my blood.

“Jake,” I whispered, my limbs growing even tighter around him, one of my hands sifting up into his thick, dark, unruly hair and his eyes closed at my voice sounding his name and they did this in a way that seemed like he was in pain.

Um… what?

Then he shoved his face in my neck, moving faster, thrusting harder, his breath labored against my sensitive skin and my mind turned to his body, my hands glided across his skin, my legs gripped him harder as I clenched his driving c**k with my sex.

“Fuck, Tess,” he growled against my neck then I heard him groan as he kept thrusting and he came.

I held him tight.

He gave me his weight.

I held on tighter.

Then he pulled out and rolled off me, falling to his back. The instant he did, eyes on the ceiling, he lifted the butts of his palms, pressed them to his forehead and closed his eyes.

Um. Not good....