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Wild Temptation

Wild Temptation

Description : Wild Temptation
Her hands move fluidly across my body, as if she already knows every inch of it. As if she’s touched it before. But she hasn’t. They never have, and they will never touch it again.

My addiction is to their bodies and the pleasure they ultimately give me. That final release, that sweet f**king explosion of tension that undoes the knots in my shoulders.

But her… I don’t know her name. And this is a good thing, because she is different. She’s so different than the women I usually f**k. When she moves her blond hair from her eyes, she has this enticing spark that shows a strong submission, a contradiction unto itself. It’s a silent plea that the demanding side of me wants to answer.

I push my lips against hers and wind my fingers in her hair, pushing her against the bed. Her own hands glide across my stomach and up my back, my T-shirt long discarded.

Her body is soft beneath mine, soft but toned and only covered by a navy bra and tiny panties. And I want what’s under them. I need it. I crave it.

I flick the front clasp of her bra and free her sizeable tits. They fit in my hands perfectly, and her ni**les harden when I brush my thumbs across them. She arches her back into me when I kiss down her neck and replace my thumb with my mouth, wrapping my lips around her pebbled nipple.

“Mmm,” I hum appreciatively, moving to her other breast. “You have gorgeous tits. Tell me, babe. Does your cunt taste as sweet as they do?”

She responds with a quiet moan and a push of her hips into mine. I continue to work her ni**les with my tongue, drifting between them both, and she grinds her pu**y against my erection.

I slide my hands over her sides and grasp her thighs, holding them tight enough she stills. “You can do that later. Now, though,...

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