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Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams

Description : Wildest Dreams
Love Is Everything

“You are sure?” Valentine asked in her soft, throaty, sing-song New Orleans accented voice.

I nodded.

I was sure. Heck yeah, I was sure.

I could not wait.

“Finnie,” my friend Claudia hissed from my side and I looked from Valentine to Claudia to see Claudia looked pale and alarmed. “This is crazy,” she went on then elaborated. “Crazier than when you bungee jumped, crazier than when you jumped from a plane, crazier than when you swam with the sharks, crazier –”

I cut her off, saying through a smile, “I didn’t swim with sharks, they just crashed the party.”

Claudia’s eyes got squinty. “You know what I mean. And I’ll throw in treasure hunting with that guy who thought he was the Indiana Jones of this generation but who was, I will remind you,” she leaned in, “not. And that time you nearly got stampeded by elephants when you were on safari –”

I looked to Valentine. “That was unfortunate. And it wasn’t my fault no matter what anyone says.”

Valentine’s eyelids lowered a little, like a cat who was coasting to sleep.

Seriously, this bitch was cool.

“Finnie!” Claudia snapped and I looked back at my friend.

“I get it sweetheart, you think I’m nuts.”

“You are nuts if you…” she leaned forward again, her eyes darting with more than a little obvious distrust at Valentine beforeing back to me, “think you’re going to a parallel universe.”