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Without Regret

Without Regret

Description : Without Regret
Rerum, New Hampshire

10 years earlier……

“Just yank it the hell out!” Chris hissed quietly, throwing an anxious glance at his closed bedroom door.

“I’m not yanking your catheter out,” Ephraim, his adopted father and one hell of a stubborn Pyte, said dryly. “Madison is already going to kill me when she realizes that I took you and since I don’t feel like sleeping on the couch for eternity we’re not going to add pissing in her car to our list of f**k ups tonight.”

“Fine, but let’s get the hell out of here before someone catches us,” Chris said impatiently. He wasn’t too worried about the catheter, at least not right now. He’d find a way to ditch it before they reached thepound.

There was no way he was letting his future mate think that he needed to piss in a bag, even if he did, besides this little setback was only temporary.

He didn’t give a f**k what the doctors said. There was no way in hell he was spending the next hundred and eighty years strapped to a wheelchair. Thanks to his Sentinel blood and the blood Eric gave him, his neck had healed, the bones in his shoulder had fused back together along with the muscle, and his shattered spine had fixed itself along with the aid of a few surgeries.

Now he was just waiting on the damn nerves to do their thing so he could get off his ass and get back to work.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Ephraim asked softly as he gently pulled Chris’ tee shirt up to reveal the stitches running from just above his navel to his rib cage.