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Wolf Unbound

Wolf Unbound

Description : Wolf Unbound
Tegan ran. Heart bursting with the joy of the forest, with the elation of wolf, her paws hit the warm earth, claws scrabbling to keep balance as she rounded a curve and saw the edge of the land that was safe to be wolf in.

Collapsing at the base of a large tree, she stretched to rub her spine along the bark, a growl of pleasure darting from her muzzle. Sighing, she put her head on her paws and closed her eyes.

“Hey. You’re late.” He smiled up at her, blue eyes twinkling, short blond hair set off against sun-kissed skin.

Startled, she froze a minute. Watched as he sliced mushrooms withpetent speed.

In three steps she was close enough to touch him. Feel the vibrant warmth at the back of his neck, the straw-colored softness of his hair tickling her fingers.

“Lucas.” His name tore from her painfully. “What?”

He put the cutting board heaped with vegetables aside and gave her a quick kiss.

“That’s all I can do.” Turning back to the sink, he began to peel potatoes. “God, I miss you. But you know what makes me saddest?”

“What are you doing here?” Impotent rage flooded her. “You’re dead!”

He put the potato down and dried his hands on a nearby towel. “I’m dead. But not here.” Warm fingers brushed her temple. “Or here.” Another fleeting brush over her heart. “In your memories and your heart I’m still alive. Our love lives on in your memories. But just because I’m dead doesn’t mean you have to be. I’ve been telling you that. Why haven’t you listened?”

She shook her head, tears sprang to her eyes and the pain of his loss welled up like a familiar ache. “The other dreams…were you trying to tell me?”...