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Description : WOLFEN
Danika Whitney's frustration had mellowed somewhat by the time she reached the edge of town.

Pushing the worrisome puzzle of her latest defeat in tagging one of the wolves terrorizing the area to the back of her mind, she searched her pockets with one hand for the list she'd made for herself before she left the cabin.

«Shit!» she muttered when she discovered it wasn't in her shirt pocket. When a similar search of her jeans pockets came up empty, she glanced at her carryall frowningly and finally let out a huff of irritation that ruffled the brownish blond tendrils straying from her ponytail over her brow and along her cheeks.

So much for thinking she'd let one trip into town suffice to hold her for another week! «I made a list,» she muttered to herself. «I know I did. I must've put it in the bag.»

She didn't feel very reassured, but after contemplating turning around and heading back to the cabin she'd rented for her investigation, she dismissed it. She was hungry, damn it! That was probably why she'd forgotten the damned list. She'd had her mind on a nice hot 'I didn't cook it'

meal at the diner, and her latest failure, and she'd probably lain the note she'd made for herself down somewhere, or maybe just left it on the table where she'd sat down to write?

The roar of an engine behind her jerked her out of her preoccupation about her missing...